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Quinn Radiators has made a major £130m investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Newport, South Wales.

Featuring over a mile of robotic automation, our Newport factory is now the most technically advanced radiator manufacturing plant in the world. We can produce a high-quality, fully finished radiator within just 30 minutes and can manufacture up to four million each year – each one rigorously tested for quality control.

Working to Protect the Environment

Continually review manufacturing processes and consider new technologies and innovative procedures to reduce the use of and protect energy, water and other resources, while at the same time maintaining the maximum standards of product safety and quality.

This commitment to innovation in our new state of the art production facility in Newport, Wales ensures minimum energy usage & low emissions. It further enables Quinn Radiators to produce the most efficient radiator on the European market using the lowest amount of steel for heat output. This in turn allows for optimum heat transfer and therefore minimum heat loss through the heating system.

Continuous Commitment to Innovation

Work with local, national and international legislators and regulators as well as the industry, to comply with and help create reasonable and effective laws and regulations aimed at protecting the environment.

Design packages and packaging systems to minimise the impact on the environment and waste streams. This may include considerations of minimising package materials and using less or alternative materials.

Consider the utilisation of recycled materials in product design as well as the recycle-ability of components at the end of useful life.

A Greener Way of Working

Our fully automated production facility ensures minimum waste, however, Quinn Radiators recycles 100% of any waste resulting from the production process.

We also have automated warehousing with all picking done on site and therefore no additional traffic movements to other locations, generating less damage and therefore waste.


Educate employees, and customers through activities that promote environmental responsibility e.g. carbon footprinting.

Consider and try to meet the opportunities presented by evolving retailer and consumer attitudes toward the environment.


Continued Dedication

Activities are conducted with due regard to all statutory laws and regulations.

We are committed to recycling and environmentally friendly production techniques.

We have implemented an energy management system in response to climate control legislation.

Appropriate safeguards are in place to protect the community, workplace and environment.

We are members of VALPAK (a registered compliance scheme under the packaging waste regulations).


Around 25% of Britain’s carbon emissions come from domestic heating. At Quinn Radiators, our expertise and product technology is helping minimise this impact – without compromising comfort and warmth. By working towards maximising performance and efficiency, we’re making a positive contribution to both homes and the environment. All of our suppliers are PEFC and FSC certified.