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HQO Technology

At Quinn Radiators, we’ve invested in the world’s most technologically advanced manufacturing site based in the UK.

We’ve also made a multi-million pound investment in research and development, resulting in significant advances in radiator technology.

By combining innovative design features, we’ve created radiators that respond faster and use less energy, which drives down both fuel bills and carbon emissions. Plus, our products emit up to 25% more heat than other like-for-like radiators.

This is what we mean by HQO: expert Quinn Radiator technology that harnesses innovation and expertise in new ways to deliver unrivalled performance. And it’s built-in to every single one of our panel radiators.

HQO technology uses less water and delivers more heat, making our products quick to react and ideal for low-temperature systems.

HQO technology offers a diverse range of highly affordable and available products which make a difference to households in terms of space, style, fuel bills and carbon footprint.

HQO technology gives you the most technically advanced radiators that remain simple to fit and maintain.

Delivering responsive and controllable system performance


Radiators produce both radiant heat (experienced by standing in front of the radiator) and convection heat (which circulates around the room). Quinn radiators feature smaller water channels and more convection fins, enabling them to heat rooms quickly and keep them at reliably constant levels.


In terms of total heat output, our radiators give out up to 25% more heat, so rooms get warmer, faster. Research shows that after five minutes, the surface temperature of Quinn radiators is up to 10 degrees higher than other radiators.


It follows that the faster that radiators heat up, the quicker the hot air can begin to circulate, generating convection heat. As this accounts for approximately 75-80% of radiator heat, this is vital. To further speed up circulation, the convection fins are all welded directly onto the water channels, rather than between them, ensuring a more direct connection between water and the fin, which improves heat conduction, output and speed of response.


Furthermore, we offer you the flexibility to attach any standard TRV, ensuring you have all the control you need over heating your home.

Performance, efficiency and comfort


Quinn radiators operate with less water and an increased surface area, therefore are able to deliver the same heat output as comparable radiators with a lower temperature setting and reduced boiler energy use. The result: higher efficiency and lower fuel bills.


Our UK-produced panel radiators have a unique design that features a 25mm water channel. This means that, on average, our radiators use up to 31% less water than comparable radiators, requiring less energy to heat. The reduced channel size design also creates a higher water velocity, speeding up heat transfer and means that up to 17% more metal is in contact with the water. This enables our radiators to heat up faster, increasing radiant heat and room comfort.


This combination of lower water content and increased surface area results in a quicker reaction to changes in thermostat settings, so boilers need to fire for shorter periods. As a result, more of the radiator gets warm, more quickly, at less cost.


Saves money


According to British Gas, turning down the thermostat by just one degree could save up to 10% on bills.


With increased radiant heat, Quinn radiators mean rooms can feel warmer at a lower room thermostat setting.

Setting new standards for quality


At Quinn Radiators, we regard safety and quality to be every bit as important as performance. Accordingly, we apply the industry’s most technically rigorous tests to our radiators.


As a minimum, all of our products are produced and tested in line with BS EN 442 BSI Standard Specification for Radiators and Convectors. However, to ensure they perform safely and reliably at all times, we believe in setting standards as high as possible. We have such confidence in our products that we test to 13 bar pressure and have a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar – some 24% higher than other UK manufacturers.


This ensures that even in domestic use, our radiators perform to industrial quality, giving peace of mind at no extra cost.


With our focus on quality, we have additional durability features built-in to the design and manufacture of our panel radiators. Unlike most other radiators, they are made from just one sheet of steel; so instead of the standard four welded seams, they have just three. This means fewer potential weak points and leak paths and more reliable service. Their unique round-top profile also means there are no sharp edges. Instead, their safe and smooth finish protects hands and skin.


Our radiators are simple to install, easy to maintain and provide safe, cost-effective heating, whether that’s in a multi-storey office building or a residential home.

Future-proof technology for long-term performance

We have made a multi-million pound investment in research and development to create a highly efficient and future-proof radiator, which generates up to 25% more heat than alternative radiators of the same size – right across the entire operating temperature range.


Quinn radiators are the ideal long-term solution for all heating needs, delivering a number of significant advantages:


  • The potential to use smaller radiators
    Our products are designed to emit up to 25% more heat, so a smaller radiator can deliver the same output as larger, less efficient radiators. This invariably helps with cost, design and space considerations.
  • Higher performance from the same-sized radiator
    Where a like-for-like replacement is required, Quinn radiators offer a higher output within the same wall space. This means boilers can operate at a lower flow temperature and/or with a lower water circulation rate, reducing both energy consumption and the possibility of ‘velocity noise’ through pipe work.
  • Future-proof, in preparation for low-temperature heating
    Fully compatible with low-temperature heat sources such as heat pumps and ground source heating, our radiators ensure heating systems operate at optimum efficiency today, while anticipating tomorrow’s heating requirements.


We’ve not only thought about the changing heating requirements for the future, but also the changing demands of the user. All our panel radiators in the UK are fitted with four connectors as standard which allows the pipework and TRV controls to be installed according to the requirements of the user, meaning the radiator doesn’t need to be changed when the heating or control requirements change over the lifetime of the home.