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The Sensa radiator is our leading product in terms of maximising all the elements of our HQO technology. Its high output and quality production makes it the best choice for long-lasting quality, low maintenance, easy to clean, not to mention the exceptional outputs making it the most cost and energy efficient radiator available.

The Sensa delivers reliable comfort and is fully compatible with low-temperature heating systems so no matter what temperature the boiler is set to, or whether you use it in conjunction with air source and ground source heat pumps, you can still maintain a cost-effective and warm home. The high outputs mean you need to oversize your radiators less, if at all, leaving more room in your home for your belongings. The universal design allows you to install it as a Round Top or a Seam Top radiator depending on the desired look. The Sensa radiator comes without any side panels or grilles so there are no removable parts and no obstacles for the heat to circulate so will have the quickest warm-up time and highest outputs of all our radiators.


  • – Made in the UK from British steel
  • – Available as standard in six types:
  • Single (Type 10)
  • Single Convector (Type 11)
  • Double Panel (Type 20)
  • Double Panel Plus (Type 21)
  • Double Convector (Type 22)
  • Triple Convector (Type 33)
  • – Available in six heights from 300mm to 900mm and in lengths of 400mm up to 3000mm
  • – Heat outputs up to 5944 Watts (Delta T 50 – 75/65/20°C)
  • – Finished in high quality white RAL 9016 – 10 year manufacturers guarantee
  • – Tested and certified according to BS EN 442
  • – Tested to 13 bar, maximum operating pressure of 10 bar
  • – Full details of the range available in our technical manual and pricelists
  • l-consoles


    Standard brackets included in the packaging and price for all non-integrale and non-MC6 radiators.

  • montage mat. 017

    Anti-lift clips

    Special plastic clips to prevent vertical movement of the radiator when mounted. These clips can be used with any L-bracket.

  • Quinn_securing_screw

    Securing Screws

    Specialist screws that prevent any movement of the radiator, both sideways or upwards. These screws can be used with any L-bracket.

  • TKIT1A


    TKIT1A A set containing 1 blind, 1 vent and 6 plastic inlays. Standard with all radiators except Integrale and MC6.   TKIT2A A set containing 3 blinds, 1 vent and 6 plastic inlays. Standard with all integrale and MC6 radiators.

  • tstift

    Touch Up Paint 15ml

    A 15ml touch up pen. RAL 9016

  • tspray

    Touch Up Paint 60ml

    A 60ml touch up spray. RAL 9016

  • sensa-towel-rail

    Sensa Towel Rail

    We can supply towel rails to clip on to the panel radiators for use in the kitchen or bathroom.

  • radiator-foot

    Radiator Feet

    We have a range of feet that can be fitted to panel radiators when the application does not allow for standard wall mounted brackets.



    A set to use in combination with the radiator feet in order to attach the radiator to it.

  • White RAL 9016