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The Sensa radiator is the epitome of high quality, simplicity, efficiency and warmth for your home. Quinn are the only manufacturer of a round top panel radiator with a distinctive 25mm pitch to ensure the highest outputs possible.

Quattro & Integrale

Quattro and Integrale radiators both come with the traditional top grille and side panels for an enclosed "compact" look. The distinctive 25mm pitch is unique to Quinn manufacturing expertise. The Quattro has 4 lateral connections, the Quattro MC6 has 6 connections (2 central and 4 lateral) and the Integrale also has 6 connections (4 lateral and 2 on the bottom left or right hand side).

Vertical Panel

The space-saving solution, ideal for the kitchen, living room or hall. The Quinn Verti 6 radiators have an excellent yield. The Verti 6 radiators are available with a profiled (Verti 6) or smooth (Verti 6 Compla) front in types 10, 20, 21 and 22. Quinn Verti 6 radiators are always equipped with a central connection.